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Quay Travel's Top Destination picks for 2016

January 20, 2016 at 5:08 PM

Here is Quay Travel's top 5 destination picks for 2016, not guided just by what is most popular, but rather focused on 5 very special destinations that are noteworthy, athentic & great value for money. 

We can help and guide you through an itinerary whether you are looking for a small group tour, private VIP tour, cruise option or a more intrepid experience.


Brazil, South America  - With Air New Zealand now fying direct into Buenos Aires, Brazil is a great choice for 2016!

Now is the time to fall under the spell of the colonial cities of Minas Gerais and the stunning architecture of Brasilia. Experience the beautiful beaches of Itacaré and outstanding snorkeling off Fernando de Noronha island. Dine your way across Salvador da Bahia, including Casa de Tereza, the city's best restaurant. Enjoy dramatic vistas and waterfalls as you hike through Chapada Diamantina Park. Sail the Amazon, dance the night away in Rio, and visit Paraty, Brazilian charm brought to life. The 2016 Summer Olympics are only the beginning.




Without a doubt, Japan is one of the most authentic and special destinations in the world, offering travelers the opportunity to experience ancient traditions as well as the future. Get up before dawn to see the world's largest fish market, followed by a meal featuring the freshest sushi. Go 'glamping' in the foothills of Mt Fuji. Visit Himeji Castle, Japan's most beautiful. Stay at a Ryokan, complete with Kaiseki dinner and steaming Onsen bath. Shop in Tokyo's smartest neighborhoods, and watch the fashion-forward Lolitas in the Aoyama district. If you suffer riding Amtrak, imagine zooming through Japanese countryside at 200mph on a sleek Shinkansen train. 

Whatever version of Japan you want to discover, rest assured that a holiday to this spellbinding country provides you with inspiring memories to last a lifetime. 

Comments from a client who recently spend 10 days in Japan, visiting Tokyo, Kyoto and Niseko.

“What an amazing TEN DAYS you've given each of we thirteen. We have all been blown away with every experience we've encountered!!! 

Our time at Kyoto was truly amazing (everyone saying, beside the skiing) , it was the highlight of our trip.  Staying in a traditional Japanese hotel, sleeping on tatami mats, all meals sitting on the floor and taking in those amazing sights of the Temples, the  Shoguns Palace, the Silver Pagoda gardens and the Geisha's in the streets !!!

Never to be forgotten, especially by 'young eyes'. 

We are all saying "we want to come back and experience more of the  culture and history; lock us in for a trip at the time of the Rugby World Cup, please!

Our time at Niseko, in real powder snow (for the first time for all of us) and in very nicely fitted out apartments has been the topping on the 'CAKE'.

The  contacts  with each guide, airport, land transport and hotel couldn't have gone any better!”




With direct flights starting this year, Vietnam has just become easily accessible.  A country of arresting beauty and proud traditions, Vietnam is both the hustle and bustle of modern life and the tranquility of a bygone time. Its landscapes range from the Red River Delta in the north to the Mekong Delta in the south, with stretches of unspoiled beaches, verdant forests and soaring peaks in between. Add a delightfully complex cuisine - a fusion of French-colonial influences and local staples - and incredible cultural diversity, and you have a recipe for the trip of a lifetime.




Alaska beckons this year, with more choices by land and sea than ever before. Sail on ships that carry as few as 22 or well over 2,200 guests. Experience a deeper, richer Alaska, by exploring the rainforests, kayaking along narrow fjords, paddle boarding along calm inlets, learning about the native culture, hiking across a glacier, seeing North America's highest peak - Denali - or an ultimate favorite: driving a team of Alaskan Huskies as you fly across the snowfields.



Spain, especially for its fantastic art collections, shopping, dining, culture, long list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites (7 within one hour of Madrid alone), active/adventure travel options, wines, and joie de vivre. Experience fine dining in San Sebastian, home to more Michelin starred restaurants per square mile than Paris. Hike the Pyrenees, bike along the Costa Brava, walk on the Camino de Santiago, or search for the perfect tapas in Seville's Santa Cruz district. Spend the night in a castle, a hotel designed by Frank Gehry, an authentic Parador, or in a hip hotel with a rooftop pool overlooking Barcelona.


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