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Aye, aye Captain - how to skipper your own charter

July 30, 2019 at 10:47 AM

See the world at your own pace. As captain of your own charter, you'll experience the rewards of guiding your own vessel over the seas. There are so many places in the world to see - Let our Quay Cruise team find your perfect boating holiday.

Explore Britain's stunning waterways.

Be the captain of your own boat - no licence or experience is required!. You come aboard and we show you everything you need to know during a briefing and demonstration. Then you're set - ready to enjoy your boating adventure. It's like driving a car, but much more relaxing!


Hiring a canal boat in England allows you to explore fascinating, out-of-the-way places and tailor your experience to be as relaxing or as 'full-on' as you want it to be. You can steer your boat and stop over wherever and whenever you please on the charming English waterways, which are strewn with historic cities like Oxford and Windsor. The rivers are also bustling with attractions, fishing spots and quintessential English villages with riverside pubs and immaculate village greens.

There are so many regions to explore!

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Discover French canal holidays in 10 stunning regions!


A boating holiday is a perfect way to enjoy the spectacular scenery of the French waterways. Discover the beauty of France and its countryside from the country's canals and romantic rivers. You can explore the sights or stop at any time to relax, indulge in fine French wines and delicious food. Choose from 10 regions with distinct scenery, gastronomy, culture and charm and explore them at your own pace, aboard your self-drive boat.


Choose from spectacular itineraries in Burgundy, Brittany, Camargue, Canal du Midi, Aquitaine, Alsace-Lorraine, Charente, Lot and more!

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How about a Tahiti yacht charter?


A Tahiti sailing itinerary typically includes easy passages within the protected waters behind the beautiful coral reefs that encircle the islands, allowing for relaxed sailing in one of the most exotic cruising grounds in the world. Snorkelling and scuba diving on the reefs, swimming and sunbathing on white-sand beaches, enjoying the delights of luxury resorts, shopping, and fine restaurants, and spending quiet evenings aboard your yacht in picturesque anchorages are all part of what makes Tahiti bareboat sailing so appealing. Relatively short passages between the islands integrate open-ocean sailing. The longest passage to windward is about 18 nautical miles. The open-water passages downwind from Huahine to Tahaa and from Tahaa to Bora-Bora are simply spectacular, South Pacific sailing at its very best.


Your itinerary takes you to Apu Bay, Pt. Raititi, Bora-Bora Yacht Club, Haamene Bay, Faaroa Bay, Opoa Bay and more.

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A Tonga yacht charter is well within reach of sailors who have basic coastal navigation skills.


A Tonga sailing holiday offers some of the easiest and best cruising in the South Pacific. South-east trade winds average between 15 and 25 knots from May to September and north-east trade winds average between 10 and 20 knots in the summer. Navigation is line-of-sight from one island to the next, though a watchful eye on the chart is necessary because of the numerous reefs. The tidal range is a bit over three feet. Tidal and wind-driven currents are typically weak except in narrow channels. The beauty and unique character of these exotic waters lures less experienced and veteran sailors alike to return time after time for more adventures. Year-round temperatures hover around 24°C.

A Tonga sailing itinerary covers a cruising ground from Vava′u, the largest island of the Vava′u group, south for about 15 nautical miles and 15 nautical miles east to west.  Within this area are numerous uninhabited wooded islands ringed with white-sand beaches and coral reefs ideal for snorkelling.

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How about spectacular Croatia?

Beside clear waters, safe coves, mild winds and plentiful mooring options - Croatia is an ideal playground for practicing your furling skills as well as relaxed family yachting.
We are very happy to offer sailing holidays out of two marinas near Split where you have a choice of skippered and bareboat charters. A skipper can be brought on-board for an additional cost per week, as well as a chef and a hostess. Bareboat charters are for experienced sailors who hold the necessary competency certificates.


The traditional sailing boats, either skippered or bareboat, are a relaxing, romantic way to see Croatia – rates from NZD4,069.
Catamarans are the new hit in the Adriatic, a way to enjoy sailing along with the spaciousness of a smaller home.


We offer catamarans that can accommodate up to ten people plus crew - with a width of almost 30 ft they are a sailing five bedroom apartment! Leave your children on deck without worrying they could fall overboard when the boat is leaning; let your friends sunbathe while you sail the boat by yourself, or better yet let the skipper do it. Even in rough weather you will appreciate the stability and the roomy sitting areas no sailboat of similar size can provide.

If you decide a skippered boat is not enough or that the plastic vessels simply kill the romance of cruising, then there is a perfect solution, a gulet - traditional cruisers in various sizes and different luxury levels.


A gulet is a spacey, fully crewed motor sailor. The boats are equipped with generators, AC, various entertainment items, professional kitchen and large dinning area, spacious bedrooms and so on. Basically, you get a luxury yacht in the traditional Mediterranean style.

Motor boats are also a great way of exploring the wide coastal area of the Adriatic.
Cruising on a motor boat gives you more time for swimming and relaxing. You will find various levels of comfort, from basic to luxurious. Also, different power options are available; from efficient to fast. In the range from 7m to 15m you will probably find a yacht that matches your requirements.

Book your 2020 charter now!! Get in touch with Michelle NOW to discuss your options.

Our Quay Cruise team are here to help. We're happy to chat about any of these self-charter options and more. Give us a call on 0800 782 987 now. 


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